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The bed bug is a small insect in the Cimicidae family. It has the  peculiarity of being hematophagous: the bed bugs feed on blood. More  specifically, these insects like human blood. That is why they have  found the accommodation that guarantees their presence: mattresses. A  bed bug infestation quickly becomes a problem. Their life span varies  from 6 to 24 months! Do you see any signs of them? You need to  immediately contact the exterminators.  What are you waiting for? Call  the Ottawa exterminators. Also, look for bed bug heater rental here.


An insect that has Attacked Humans Since the Dawn of Time

The presence of these pests has been detected in Egyptian sarcophagi  dating back 3,500 years. But it is estimated that these insects appeared  more than 100 million years ago. Therefore, the bed bugs would have  coexisted with the dinosaurs! In the 20th century, they almost wiped off  the face of the earth using an insecticide. However, this treatment  contained toxic chemicals and was banned. As a result, bed bugs quickly  re-invaded our bedding.

How To Get Rid Of

The treatments to eliminate bed bugs are still, fortunately, quite  numerous. However, the process requires patience: it can take several  months to get rid of them for good.

Eliminate Bed Bugs: 

Vacuum and Steam Clean

Here are two effective tools to reduce pest infestation. Before  vacuuming, the room is taped to the gaps under the front door. Once  absorbed, the powder must be isolated and then disposed of, all in a  sealed bag.

Proper vacuuming eliminates bed bugs. Adult insects and their eggs do  not survive temperatures above 60 C. A few drops of lavender essential  oil, which acts as a natural repellent for bed bugs, can be added to the  water.

Washing and subsequent ironing of clothes:

Fabrics should be washed at 60C, especially bedding (sheets, duvet  covers, pillowcases). Ideally, iron them later. Bed bugs won’t resist!

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